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"Riding the Wave of Olympic Qualification: The Importance of the 2023 Pan American Surfing Games"

The rolling waves of Santa Catalina Panama are set to welcome the world's best surfers for the 2023 Pan American Surfing Games, a highly anticipated event that will see 400 athletes from 20 countries compete from April 21st to 30th. The participation of surfers from across the globe is expected to make this event an enthralling spectacle, with confirmed attendance from nations like Peru, Brazil, Argentina, and Panama leading the way.

But this isn't just an opportunity for surfers to showcase their skills and compete for medals; it's also a chance for countries to qualify for the 2024 Olympics. With only 24 men and 24 women set to qualify for Olympic surfing, the 2023 Pan American Surfing Games will play a critical role in determining who gets to participate in this prestigious event. Participants who compete in the 2023 and 2024 ISA World Surfing Games will be eligible for Olympic qualification, making these two events a vital part of the qualification process.

It's not just the surfers who stand to benefit from this event; the local economy is also set to receive a boost. Last year's tournament positively impacted Playa Venao, where it was held, injecting $2 million into the local economy through increased spending on hotels, food, artisans, transportation, tour guides, and shopping. As the event takes place in Santa Catalina, Panama, it's expected to have a similar effect in the region.

For the Panamanian champions like Stevie Bodden, Samanta Alonso, and Jean Carlos Oli Camarena González, this is a crucial event, as placing well secures one of the 42 places in the Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile in 2023. With Brazil dominating the medal table last year, the competition will be fierce, but the rewards for success are significant.

The 2023 Pan American Surfing Games promise to be an unmissable event for surfing enthusiasts, spectators, and the local economy alike. As the world's top surfers descend on Santa Catalina, Panama, in April 2023, all eyes will be on who comes out on top and secures a spot at the 2024 Olympics. If you're looking for a beautiful place to buy, rent or sell in Panama contact us!

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More about Panamanian Champ Stevie Bodden:

Stevie Bodden is a talented Panamanian paddleboarder who has achieved great success in the sport of surfing. He has competed in numerous international competitions, representing Panama and earning recognition as a top athlete.

Bodden is known for his skill and determination on the water, as well as his passion for the sport. He has been a key figure in the development of surfing in Panama, inspiring a new generation of surfers to take up the sport and pursue their dreams.

Along with his fellow Panamanian surfers, like short boarders Samanta Alonso and Jean Carlos Oli Camarena González, Bodden is gearing up for the 2023 Pan American Surfing Games. This event is particularly significant for Bodden and his peers, as a strong showing could secure them a place in the Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile in 2023, and potentially even the 2024 Olympics.

As one of Panama's most celebrated surfers, Stevie Bodden is a testament to the growing popularity of surfing in the country and the talent of its athletes. His dedication and passion for the sport continue to inspire others to take up the challenge and compete at the highest level.

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